pretty for pennies

A few years ago I got a great job making great money.  It was way more money than I ever expected to make and I did not know what to do with myself of all my money.

I started doing one of my favorite things more and more often, shopping.  I fell in love with expensive brand names.  I had so much fun becoming a fashion junkie.

Then I was in a terrible accident and broke my back.  I was hospitalized for a long time and I had a very long slow recovery.  When I was able to start work again I could not stand for very long so I could not really do my job any more.  I had to start doing  something else something easier on my body.

I was so never able to start making that same type of income again.  On top of not making good money I had Dr. bills piling  up and up.  So I had no choice but to shop less and try to give up my love of expensive brands.     I started to find lots of  ways to get the same look for less.

I figure other people might be in my same situation and that if I started a blog I might be able to help them so here it is.



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